The country at a glance

Location: South East Africa, bordered by Tanzania to the north, Mozambique to the east and Zambia to the west

Climate: Subtropical, rainy season between November and April

Capital: Lilongwe

Population: 17,215,232 (2015)

Surface area: 118,484 kmĀ²

Language: Official language: English.  National language: Chichewa

GDP per capita: $ 350 (2015) (for comparison, Germany's is $ 45,790)

Life expectancy: 63 (2014) (Germany, 81)

Projects: In 2013 we undertook our first trip to the country of Malawi. Since then, we have been working together with the Grace Orphan Care orphanage, where we are currently constructing a new dormitory for the children.  In addition, technical improvements and renovations are being carried out at Zomba Hospital.

Project partner: Zomba Hospital Projekt e.V in Jena

  • Team

  • Patricia Chimungu, Teacher

  • Mrs Chimenja und Willard, Maizemill

  • Victor Kamwendo, Teacher

  • Ernest PondePonde, Director