We find our projects while travelling and meeting people that face difficulties or need our assistance.

It is important for us to attain a deep understanding of the local traditions to understand peoples situations to put their ideas to work. Every project develops from the interest of the people that want to make a positive change in their community.

Good planning determines the success of our projects. Parallel to the planning phase we run an exploration. The exploration aims to connect future project partners and local entrepreneurs, if our plans are in scope. It is important to us that our ideas blend into the cultural context. To develope new solutions and strategies we work with specialists from all around the world. Areas of work include finding better ways to recycle, construct housing and supplying sustainable energy. We are always on the look out for creative minds and another pair of hands. 

All projects must suit the living conditions of people and encourage self sustainability. What counts is helping people to help themselves. Thus, together with locals, we explore solutions. Concurrently we think about the present and future of the country, it's resources and culture. If external aid is given through valuables, we deal with allocation, usability and waste management.